Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Brows and upper Face Types and Shapes

Brows Arch:
Upper Face Brows Arch Type
Defined Brows:
Defined Brows Type
Deep Brows:
Defined Brows Face Shape
Non-smoooth Brows:

Non-smoooth Brows Type
Slope of Cranium:
Face Shape with slope of Cranium
Forhead Wrinkle Face Shape:
Forhead Wrinkle Face Type
Defined Temples:
Face Shape with Defined Temples

Monday, 7 April 2014

Chin and Jaw Types (Shapes)

Chin crease (enface):
Chin crease FaceType

Chin crease (profile):
Chin crease Shape Type (profile)

Non creased Chin Face Type (profile):
Non creased Chin Face Type

Wide Chin Face Shape:
Wide Chin Face Shape

Face Type by Jaw Corner:
Face Type by Jaw Corner

Curvy Jaw Face Shape (enface):
Curvy Jaw Face Shape (enface)

Curvy Jaw Face Shape (profile):
Curvy Jaw Face Shape (profile)

Non-Curvy Jaw Face Shape:
Non-Curvy Jaw Face Type

Long Jaw Face Shape:
Long Jaw Face Type

Short Jaw Face Type:
Short Jaw Face Type

Strong Jaw Face Type:
Strong Jaw Face Shape

Weak Jaw Face Type:
Weak Jaw Face Shape

Friday, 4 April 2014

Cheek Shapes and Types

Wide Cheek Bones  Face Shape:
Wide cheek bones face type

Deep Cheeks  Face Type (enface):
Deep Cheeks Face type (enface)

Deep Cheeks  Face Type (half profile)
Deep Cheeks Face type (half profile)

Deep Cheeks  Face Shape (profile)
Deep Cheeks Face type (profile)

High Cheek Face Shape:
High Cheek Face Type

Face Shape with Defined Cheeks:
Face Type with Defined Cheeks

Face Shape with Undefined Cheeks:
Face Shape with Undefined Cheeks

Flat Cheek Face Type:
Face Shape with flat Cheeks